What is a Burse?

February 4, 2023

A Burse is an endowment. Burse Cards are used as a prayerful remembrance for deceased persons, persons celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any event where prayers are desired. The Burse Card is sent to the family of the remembered individual by the person who obtained the card.

The minimum suggested donation for the Burse Card is $5. Bishop Vetter receives the names of Burse recipients monthly and adds these names to his daily prayers.

The money donated for Burse Cards is sent to the Diocese of Helena for the educations of Seminarians. Burse Cards can be obtained from the Daughters of Isabella at their monthly Pie/Baked Goods sale held the 3rd weekend of every month. Burses can also be obtained from any Daughter of Isabella. Contact Marlene Stevens at 406-212-0276 or Shirley Burns at 406-249-7275.