The Supreme Sacrifice!

January 23, 2021

In the Passion He had not spared His divine life; neither does He spare it in the Eucharist.

In the Passion He revealed nothing of His glory, majesty, and power, but only the man of sorrows, the accursed of God and man.  Isaiah could not recognize Him on account of the spittle and wounds that defiled His august face!

In the Passion Jesus allowed only His love to appear.  Woe to those who did not want to recognize Him!  The adoration of His divinity and the proclamation of His innocence had to come from a robber, a thief; and nature was the only one to mourn its Creator.

In the Blessed Sacrament Jesus continues with a still greater love this immolation of His divine attributes.  The Eucharist is the supreme proof of Jesus’ love for us because it is the supreme sacrifice.

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