Summer Experiences - Life at Carroll

June 5, 2022

AT CARROLL COLLEGE, we ardently believe that you, and every human person, is MADE FOR ADVENTURE. While so many people settle for lives of mediocrity, we strive to encourage you to embrace a life rich with rigorous challenges, being pulled out of your comfort zone in an open-hearted pursuit of all that is true, beautiful, and good. This summer, we’re thrilled to offer THREE SUMMER EXPERIENCES for high school students. These programs have a faith-component embedded, as they are collaborations with the Diocese of Helena, and are open to students entering grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. You may also be interested in one of our athletic camps (find more at Going forward, we look forward to expanding with additional summer program offerings in other areas of interest as well. For the programs exploring the Theology of Adventure, one of Carroll’s Summer Experiences will work for you no matter what your experience level or willingness to push your physical limits.


JUNE 12-15

The St. Kateri Institute is a less physically rigorous but still intellectually engaging option, based in the greater Helena area. Through fun and engaging activities that dive into the relationship between faith and reason, participants explore academic study as a contemplative undertaking that contributes to spiritual discernment.

QUESTIONS? Contact Kevin Molm at or 406-389-7055.


JULY 11-15; 18-22; 25-29

Legendary Adventure Camp, led by Carroll alumnus Father Kirby Longo, is the most physically demanding of the bunch, and explores the origins of faith over the course of a five-day backpacking adventure in the Montana wilderness. Backcountry adventures don’t get much more epic or intellectually explorative than this.

QUESTIONS? Contact Cody Tredik at or 406-389-7056.



The Theology of Adventure Week is Carroll’s flagship summer experience. Over the week, we split time between Carroll’s campus and the Montana backcountry, all to seek a greater understanding of a life well-lived. How can we live freely, pursuing truth and goodness, uninhibited by fear or self-centeredness? Come explore these questions with us and get a unique encounter with Carroll’s driving philosophy.

QUESTIONS? Contact Brad Maddock at or 406-447-5453.

Register today, as space is limited, and explore Carroll College and embrace the adventure that gives meaning to life!