Come to Me

March 9, 2024


Sister Deidre (Dede) Byrne

Sister Dede Byrne has spent her life serving others while wearing uniforms . She is a board -certified surgeon who trained through the military. She served as a doctor in Afghanistan and other foreign places. In 200, Cardinal Hickey asked her to come Washington, D.C. to serve the poor. She met the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts there and fell in love with them. She eventually became a Sister of the Little Workers. She is now the Director of the Catholic Charities Medical Clinic in D.C., where refugees, poor, and uninsured are cared for. When asked how she lives her dual life, doctor and sister, she quoted St. Mother Teresa, "she is a sister first." Her vocation is a "healing ministry and God is the healer and I just try and stay out of His way."

Mother Mary Paul

Mother Mary Paul is with the Sisters of Divine Grace. Their desire is to make known to the world the healing Love of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the living out of their religious consecration and ministries that touch the hears of God's people. Sisters of Divine Grace live a simple life embracing poverty, chastity, and obedience. They believe that the inherent and fundamental purpose of human life is to fall in love with Jesus. They seek to set hearts on fire with Jesus.

Kendra Von Esh

Kendra Von Esh is a passionate and engaging Catholic speaker, faith coach, and author. Kendra is known for her down-to-earth style mixed with the right amount of humor and emotion. She leads you in proven methods to go deeper in prayer, ways to discern God's will, and inspires you to keep Him the center of your life. The books she has written include, 'Am I Catholic?' and 'Need a Miracle, Now!' Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky) says, "Kendra Von Esh overflows with enthusiasm and passion as she tells of her conversion and reversion and immersion into the Catholic Faith! Her joy is contagious."

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